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Backlash against Syrian refugees following al-Qaa attack; World needs to step up

The northeastern Lebanese border town of al-Qaa bade its final farewell to the five victims killed in Monday’s double suicide attack. Men cried, women wailed, and rice and flowers were thrown over the white coffins that carried Joseph Lewis, Boulous al-Ahmar, Joseph Fares, Faisal Aad and Majed Wahbe to their

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Yes, Lebanon has a pollution problem, but Numbeo’s claims are null and void

According to Numbeo’s Pollution Index, Lebanon ranked second after Egypt as the most polluted country in the world. This information caused quite a stir after it was posted on social media even though the numbers are far from being correct. Numbeo is not a valid source. In fact the site admits

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The Ramlet al-Baida affair: It’s not just the sea that is full of shit

The Ramlet al-Baida beach controversy and claims of ownership over one of Beirut’s last public beaches has returned to the forefront. In what seemed like a resting period after news of possible investment on said shores emerged a few years ago, excavators proceeded to destroy the northern entrance of the

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On Ludovico Einaudi’s song for the Arctic, and the connection to Beirut

  In a video released a day ahead of World Music Day, which falls on Tuesday, internationally acclaimed Italian musician and composer Ludovico Einaudi is seen performing a specially composed piece entitled Elegy of the Arctic on a specially constructed ‘iceberg’ within 100m of a crumbling glacier. The performance that took

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A musical evening in Horsh Beirut as the fight to preserve the city’s forest continues

If you think that the Jannah dam controversy is politicized, think again; the battle for the preservation of one of the last of Beirut’s green spaces, Horsh Beirut, has only just begun. Just weeks after the park was reopened to the public, construction works for an Egyptian military field hospital kicked

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Lebanon’s seaside dumps: A grave threat to civil aviation and the environment

Across the waters facing Beirut International airport, hundreds of seagulls can now be seen hovering over the nearby Costa Brava seaside dump. These seagulls are attracted to the leachate and garbage residue that is currently seeping into the sea just a few kilometers from the airport runway amid the blatant

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