Month: June 2016

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Selfie culture: Marine turtle pulled out of water and repeatedly hit on the head in South Lebanon

As though it were not enough that several species of marine life are suffering the consequences of our collective inaction, namely turtles who come to our shores during the warmer seasons to nest, they are now increasingly becoming victims of malice and ignorance. In the most recent violation of agriculture

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Fire rips through Lebanon’s remaining forests amid governmental inaction  

We’ve all heard the environmental concerns related to the deforestation of the Adonis valley. We’ve heard the outcries of politicians and non-politicians alike regarding the building of the controversial Jannah dam. But as fires continue to rip through thousands of the country’s remaining trees, we see or hear of no national

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Explosion rocks Beirut’s Verdun, media pins culprits

A bomb rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut’s trendy neighborhood of Verdun on Sunday evening, just as people broke their Ramadan fast for the day. Lebanon’s Interior Minister Nuhad Mashnouk confirmed that there were no casualties approximately 30 minutes after the news emerged, settling the hearts of many who were

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This app will help feed Syrian refugees in Beirut during the holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan means a lot of things to a lot of people, but alongside being a month devoted for observance and fasting, it is one that encourages donating to charity, i.e. zakat. So what better way to give meaning to the holy Muslim month than by helping feed needy kids? A

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