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Nadine Mazloum is an Australian born, Beirut bred multimedia journalist, editor, and blogger. She most recently worked as news editor and resident blogger for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International [LBCI] and has held several positions with well-known media outlets both locally and internationally. Her work appears online both on LBCI and on her personal blog, NewsroomNomad© .

Forget drugs, wild Lebanon is filled with natural highs

This week, the world celebrated Sir David Attenborough’s 91st birthday. The veteran English broadcaster and naturalist, best known for writing and presenting the BBC’s Planet Earth documentary series, among many other works, is often credited with inspiring a generation of conservationists, environmentalists and just regular nature enthusiasts, myself included, to venture out into the

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Fatal disease threatens Lebanon’s historic parasol pines

Whether it’s deep in the open woodlands of Lebanon, in Beirut’s only remaining Horsh, or in between residential areas, the once plentiful parasol pine, also known as the stone pine, is under threat. A disease that droops the trees’ branches, discolors their needles – turning them red, yellow or orange

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42 years on: We commemorate the start of the war, but not its end

42 years ago, the Lebanese civil war started. 27 years ago, we were told it ended. For 27 years we’ve been commemorating the start of the civil war on April 13th, but not its end. Strange, no? Some say it’s because it never really ended. Others say it’s because the main players

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Traditional Lebanese parties must adapt or face extinction

The Lebanese political topography is changing. Independents, long marginalized, are being provided with a meaningful organization to support. The first instance of this phenomenon, Beirut Madinati, was quickly dismissed as an unsustainable occurrence by major parties and supporters alike. But there can be no denying that the mere existence of

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No women, No vote: Lebanese women, your body is a battleground

It is no secret that in the Lebanese legal system, the interests of women are not being represented. Whenever an issue involving women is approached, it is being deliberated on through a quintessentially male filter, and through the paradigm of using it as a platform to negotiate the interests of

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The circle of life: Lebanon under feudal rule

Lebanon is not a state governed by a democratically elected government. It is a composition of competing feudalities with a thin veil of democracy and legitimacy thrown carelessly on top of them. The latest flagrant display of this happened on Sunday when PSP leader Walid Jumblatt officially introduced his son

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