Month: May 2016

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Construction works at Jannah dam temporarily suspended pending final decision

Activists protesting the Jannah dam have been notified of the Governor of Mount Lebanon’s decision to halt construction works at said dam, Lebanon’s Legal Agenda reported on Thursday. This comes after activists held a protest in Beirut’s Riad Solh Square, whereby they denounced the project as Cabinet held a session. The

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Vigilante justice, the media, and the murderer

Maarouf Hamieh kidnapped and murdered the nephew of Mustapha al-Hujeiri (Abou Taqiyeh) over the grave of his son, Mohammad Hamieh, a Lebanese army soldier, who was gunned down by Nusra Front militants in Arsal almost two years earlier. 22 year-old Hussein al-Hujeiri’s body was found Tuesday riddled with over 30

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Paradise Lost: Jannah flooded with Brazilian corruption and political infighting

Behind the scenes and away from public eye, a deal was struck. Profiting from public disinterest in the issue, Minister of Agriculture Akram Chehayeb approved a partial deforestation in the Jannah natural reserve for the purpose of erecting a dam in this location. Environment Minister Mohammad Mashnouk made his objections known,

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Lebanon’s Nehmeh landfill in limbo, so where will the trash go?

Nothing more can be said about the current garbage crisis. The inability of our once elected and recently self-appointed government to secure the removal of the trash output of its citizens in an eco-friendly manner has long ceased to make news. But with the 60 day deadline coming to an

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