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Forget drugs, wild Lebanon is filled with natural highs

This week, the world celebrated Sir David Attenborough’s 91st birthday. The veteran English broadcaster and naturalist, best known for writing and presenting the BBC’s Planet Earth documentary series, among many other works, is often credited with inspiring a generation of conservationists, environmentalists and just regular nature enthusiasts, myself included, to venture out into the

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Shura Council temporarily halts construction of Ramlet al-Baida luxury beach resort

Lebanon’s Shura Council, the country’s highest administrative judicial authority, issued a decision Wednesday to temporarily halt the implementation of the permit pertaining to the controversial construction of a luxury resort on the Ramlet al-Baida beach. The ruling –based on several violations related to public health and safety– refers to parcel 3689/Mseitbeh

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Fox deliberately trapped, tortured and killed in West Bekaa

Disturbing footage has emerged of a fox being released from its pen only to be mauled to death by two hounds inside what appears to be a fenced kennel yard in the West Bekaa village of Sehmor. The footage, which was published Monday by Greenarea, a local environmental website, was filmed

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Beirut seagull slaughter could go on for four years: activists

Lebanon is waging a war on birds, seagulls to be specific, in hopes of decreasing the threat of bird strikes in and around Beirut International Airport – the country’s only port of aerial entry for passengers. Over the weekend, dozens of hunters were spotted shooting dead birds at a close

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Enough with the wildlife killing! Help by reporting cases through this app

While many of us head out to the wilderness to enjoy what little is left of the country’s beauty, some do it for the thrill of hunting wild animals -as illegal and oafish as that may be. In the most recent display of total disregard to both law and environment, two striped hyenas

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Rare species found off Lebanon coast could trigger conservation efforts

According to a video posted on Thursday by the New Scientist, several species that are normally not found in the Mediterranean Sea, were spotted off the Lebanese coast. The video, which highlights the findings of Oceana’s first deep-sea mission in the eastern Mediterranean, says the recent discovery could help trigger

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