Month: November 2016

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Remember their names: The kidnapped soldiers who have yet to celebrate their Independence Day

Mohammad Youssef, Hussein Amar, Ali al-Hajj Hassan, Seif Thebian, Ibrahim Mgheit, Ali al-Masri, Mustapha Wehbe, Abdel Rahim Diab, Khaled Hassan. These are the names of the 9 Lebanese servicemen who were kidnapped by Daesh in 2014, and whose fate till date remains unknown. The men were taken hostage during the battles

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Misinformation in the age of virality, the supermoon, and the US presidential election  

Misinformation is the new information; so blatant that the media is currently now being blamed for changing the course of the entire American presidential election mainly due to over-coverage, extreme bias, and the run of false stories – so false that Facebook has expressed its readiness to form a “task

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