Month: November 2016

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Dear media, Trump’s victory is why insults don’t work

It was right after the Democratic National Committee nominated Hillary Clinton that two friends and I sat out on my balcony to escape the summer heat. It was also on that evening that we discussed the seething state of American politics; Bernie Sander’s defeat; and the prospects of a Clinton

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Lebanon’s youths, the current Parliament, and the Presidential elections

Thousands of men, women, and children of all ages made their way to the Baabda Presidential Palace on Sunday where newly appointed President Michel Aoun addressed an ecstatic crowd just days after his election. In his speech, Aoun reiterated his commitment to a strong Lebanese state; one that “would no

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Will Lebanon’s controversial psychic Leila Abdel Latif retire from television?

Leila Abdel Latif, Lebanon’s most famed and controversial psychic, renowned for her political predictions and most recently her missed forecast on the Lebanese Presidential election may soon retire from television. This, according to a recent interview with prominent radio and television host Mireille Mazraani on Fame FM radio. According to

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On Aoun’s election, ageism, sexism, and an unruly parliament

On Tuesday Michel Aoun begins his six-year term as Lebanon’s 13th President of the Republic after securing a majority vote in Parliament on Monday, ending a two and half year presidential vacuum. The President will commence consultations starting Wednesday and Thursday with various blocs in a bid to designate a new

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