Month: April 2016

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#AleppoIsBurning and these children on a Beirut street serve as a harsh reminder

On the surface, this candid photo captures a moment of childlike behavior, with three Aleppan children sitting on the side of a Beirut street playing the way that children are expected to play when left unattended. These three kids had built a makeshift campfire by the roadside, with fallen tree branches for

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Beirut Madinati and the quest for political purity: An analysis

Beirut Madinati has acknowledged the existence of partisan politics; the dream is over. A statement to that effect has been the reaction of several prominent persons on social media, ever since representatives of the popular list of the self-proclaimed politically unaffiliated candidates for municipal office, met with MP Walid Jumblatt,

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Mashrou3 Leila fans demand concert be held in Jordan despite ban

In light of the announcement made by Jordanian authorities to ban Lebanese indie band Mashrou3 Leila’s April 29 performance, fans have taken to social media to air their grievances, while others are organizing a protest to be held at the Roman amphitheater. With hashtags that include #بدنا_ليلى_في_عمان (meaning: we want Leila in Amman) and #ابن_الليل_في_عمان (Ibn el-Leil in

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Beirut Madinati: Between collective depression, cautious hope, and criticism

There’s no doubt that Beirut Madinati is facing an uphill battle in the upcoming municipality elections set for May 8. There’s also no doubt that that battle is multifaceted, complex, and novel all at once. On the one hand the grassroots coalition faces an established patriarchal clientele system; on the

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