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With the return of garbage to the streets, it seems highly unlikely that anything else could ruin what little hope the Lebanese have for their environment. But hope, it seems, is increasingly becoming a nuance in a country overwhelmingly stricken with corruption, especially when it comes to profit making ventures

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If you’re into the great outdoors, particularly the night skies, then the cosmos has a spectacular light show in store for the weekend. The Perseids are back, and this year astronomers predict an outburst of 200 meteors per hour -that’s double the usual rate! Nature’s light extravaganza will peak on August 11-12,

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Fransabank, Lebanon’s French daily L’Orient Le-Jour held an online poll over the span of 10 days whereby members of the public where invited to vote for their preferred Lebanese village. The results, which were announced on Monday placed Akkar al-Atika on top

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