Mystery pianist serenades walls of empty medieval Byblos church

Lebanon’s Autumnal weather makes for the perfect evening promenade. Add a little mystery to the breeze, and an ancient setting, and you’ve got an experience worth sharing.  Such was the short lived, yet exceptional encounter as shared by fellow blogger and friend Ralph Aoun.

Ralph was walking through the ancient city of Byblos on Sunday evening when he heard music from the nearby medieval Saint Jean-Marc Cathedral. Intrigued, he walked in to find a pianist playing alone in a dark corner, with only a dim light for company.

Ralph remained at the entrance so as to not disturb the pianist, opting to capture this rather clandestine performance, which he described as remarkably beautiful and solemn.

Ralph Aoun – Jbeil’s Anonymous Church Piano Player As my… | Facebook

The mystery pianist was later identified as Pierre Basbous, a rather well-known musician and composer.  The sonata was also revealed as his own, titled Marianne. Basbous, it seems, is a regular performer at the Saint Jean-Marc Church where he holds classical concerts and performs ecclesiastical music.

To paraphrase English novelist and philosopher Aldous Huxley, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible after silence is music.

Enjoy, and please remember to #SupportLocalTalent.

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Nadine Mazloum is an Australian born, Beirut bred multimedia journalist, editor, and blogger. She most recently worked as StepFeed's Senior Editor. Before that, she was the news editor and resident blogger for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International [LBCI] and has held several positions with well-known media outlets both locally and internationally. Her work appears online both on LBCI and on her personal blog, NewsroomNomad©.


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