These two Lebanese men are literally climbing mountains to raise money for abused kids

Rayan and Rami Rasamny are not your typical mountaineers; they’re doing it for a good cause. After scaling the peaks of the Alps last year and raising $10,000 USD for the education of child abuse victims, they decided they’d do it again this year.

Rami and Rayan are currently climbing the Matterhorn Mountain and they hope to raise $15,000.  So far, their campaign has only gathered $4,217, and by posting this, I hope they’ll raise more. To donate click on this link.

Matterhorn Ascent – Timeline | Facebook

All proceeds go to Himaya, a Lebanese NGO dedicated to making child protection a domestic right. By offering abused kids the life skills they need to defend themselves, and supporting survivors through the provision of psychological services they need to overcome their experiences, Himaya strives to make a change on a national level, by starting with our nation’s children.

When it comes to child abuse in Lebanon, little to nothing is being done by our government. Just last week another case surfaced with the alleged gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl taking the media by storm. The reactions that followed were anything but encouraging. While many voiced support, the majority pinned the blame on the victim. This is the tragic reality that many victims are faced with and this is what Himaya is trying to change.

Child abuse is a critical issue that has long been ignored. According to a 2008 study, statistics showed that 1 out of 6 children in Lebanon were found to be victims of sexual abuse; and this is only scratching the surface. Physical, psychological, and sexual abuse as well as negligence are the types of threats facing many kids across the country.

Let’s change that by supporting this initiative and all initiatives that aim to help strengthen our communities.

Because when it comes to kids, baby, there ain’t no mountain high enough!


Nadine Mazloum is an Australian born, Beirut bred multimedia journalist, editor, and blogger. She most recently worked as StepFeed's Senior Editor. Before that, she was the news editor and resident blogger for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International [LBCI] and has held several positions with well-known media outlets both locally and internationally. Her work appears online both on LBCI and on her personal blog, NewsroomNomad©.


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