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The origin of the St. Barbara feast, the masks, and the wheat

It is all said to have started in Baalbeck some 1,700 years ago; the St. Barbara tradition to dress up in costumes and visit one’s neighbors, singing and chanting and wishing them well. The custom, which remains in practice albeit scarcely, is believed to have originated in the 3rd century,

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Lebanon’s relentless activist Ghazi Aad dies, but his legacy lives on

Ghazi Aad used a wheelchair, but this never stopped him, nor did it slow him down. In fact, up until recently, he had remained as active as ever, calling on successive governments to concentrate their efforts on securing the release of the surviving victims of enforced disappearances and arbitrary detention.

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The long wait: Families of disappeared are still searching for answers

Imagine what it’s like living without your loved ones, without seeing their faces or knowing what might have been. Imagine having to wait for their return, for any news –the good, the bad, or the even the ugly. Imagine being ignored, day in, day out. Now imagine it were your

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Backlash against Syrian refugees following al-Qaa attack; World needs to step up

The northeastern Lebanese border town of al-Qaa bade its final farewell to the five victims killed in Monday’s double suicide attack. Men cried, women wailed, and rice and flowers were thrown over the white coffins that carried Joseph Lewis, Boulous al-Ahmar, Joseph Fares, Faisal Aad and Majed Wahbe to their

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#AleppoIsBurning and these children on a Beirut street serve as a harsh reminder

On the surface, this candid photo captures a moment of childlike behavior, with three Aleppan children sitting on the side of a Beirut street playing the way that children are expected to play when left unattended. These three kids had built a makeshift campfire by the roadside, with fallen tree branches for

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