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Coastal privatization threatens Tripoli’s Mina seaside

After al-Dalieh, Aadloun, Ramlet al-Baida, and Kfarabida comes Tripoli’s turn with activists gearing up to protest excavation works currently razing a section of the northern city’s coastline. In videos and photos posted on social media platforms, excavation works on Tripoli’s seaside can clearly be seen on an area long identified as

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Lebanon’s hidden epidemic: Why are so many silent when things are so bad?

There is no shortage of things to protest when it comes to this small Middle Eastern country. From the raging war next door, to its repercussions, to the rampant corruption, human rights abuses, the disappearance of elections, rising unemployment, emigration, crippled institutions, and pollution -the grounds are endless. However, when

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We, the Lebanese, have a lot to learn from the Native Americans

Thousands of Native Americans are currently engaged in massive protests against the North Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in what is being called the largest gathering of First Nations tribes in over a century. These under-reported protests, which have been going on for the past months near the Standing Rock Sioux

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Lebanese reporter under fire for non-impartial reporting, privileged on-camera behavior 

Lebanese reporter Nawal Berri is currently trending online, but for all the wrong reasons. Having failed to deliver an accurate update on the protest that was taking place Monday night to commemorate the rise of the 2015 anti-government civil movements in Beirut’s Riad Solh Square, she resorted to an abrupt

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