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The rains are here and Lebanon’s needy require our help  

The season’s first storms have arrived after an exceptionally long and dry summer that saw countless forest fires scorching swathes of green woodlands. Though these storms are long overdue and come as a welcome relief to many farmers and environmentalists, it’s the start of a season of hardship for Lebanon’s

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Why Black Friday is not so good for Lebanon and the world

We’ve all seen the Black Friday advertisements calling on us to buy and consume at cheaper rates. Given our country’s minimum wage and struggling economy, the slash in prices can come as a welcome surprise to any individual or family unit as yesterday’s traffic and rush to the stores confirmed.

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Lebanon’s hidden epidemic: Why are so many silent when things are so bad?

There is no shortage of things to protest when it comes to this small Middle Eastern country. From the raging war next door, to its repercussions, to the rampant corruption, human rights abuses, the disappearance of elections, rising unemployment, emigration, crippled institutions, and pollution -the grounds are endless. However, when

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Lebanon’s apple farmers fear planned poverty, economic migration

Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has become the butt of social media jokes after he suggested international organizations assist Lebanon in finding a market for the country’s produce at the UN General Assembly in New York last week. The man, who is no stranger to controversy mainly due to what

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