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Lebanon’s Jews are often forgotten, this documentary sheds light on the community

This article was published at StepFeed on March 22, 2017.  We really don’t know much about Lebanon’s Jewish community.For many, “Lebanese Jewish” is too remote a concept. But, the truth is, Jews in Lebanon once lived side by side with the country’s Christian and Muslim populations. They even share a minorities’

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Politics play out in Rio as Lebanese athletes block Israeli team from entering bus

The Rio summer Olympics premiered last night with a flamboyant ceremony that celebrated Brazilian culture and sports. The four-hour event at the Maracana Stadium featured athletes and their representative countries, and served to remind the world of environmental issues, namely climate change, through its central theme. However the opening ceremony was not

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Remembering the July 2006 war, ten years later

I was not prepared for all the lessons I would have to learn; that was the reality of my first job in journalism, which I took up in the summer of 2006. What would become the 33 day war between Lebanon and Israel had just begun, and hundreds of journalists flocked

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