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Is it clean? Is it not clean? Debate on Lebanon’s sea continues

In recent weeks, two seemingly contradictory studies were presented to the public concerning the state of Lebanon’s beaches: One, by LARI, warning that the country had “passed the threshold of pollution and that no sea is pollution free,” and the other, by CNRS, casting doubt on the results of the former.

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Is there life after trash?

It only took a few minutes for my “it’s good to be back” bubble to burst, 20 minutes into the taxi drive back home to be exact. It was around 12:30 am. We had just returned from Abu Dhabi where the Lifehaus team was among many other sustainability-driven projects exhibiting

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550 families threatened with poverty by garbage dump

The livelihood of 550 families is under threat. This, according to LBCI who interviewed local fishermen who trawl the waters surrounding the Beirut suburb of Bourj Hammoud for their daily catch. The reason? The haphazard dumping of waste into sea. The presence of both a historic dump site, known locally

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Beirut seagull slaughter could go on for four years: activists

Lebanon is waging a war on birds, seagulls to be specific, in hopes of decreasing the threat of bird strikes in and around Beirut International Airport – the country’s only port of aerial entry for passengers. Over the weekend, dozens of hunters were spotted shooting dead birds at a close

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For Lebanon’s elderly ongoing garbage crisis a tight noose

For 86-year-old Adib Nouwar, Lebanon’s garbage crisis is a matter of life and death; any irritation induced by the slightest of elements –even the smell of fried food and dust—can be enough to trigger a respiratory fit as his lungs struggle from years of pollution and stress. Under the weight

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Lebanon’s seaside dumps: A grave threat to civil aviation and the environment

Across the waters facing Beirut International airport, hundreds of seagulls can now be seen hovering over the nearby Costa Brava seaside dump. These seagulls are attracted to the leachate and garbage residue that is currently seeping into the sea just a few kilometers from the airport runway amid the blatant

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