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Why Black Friday is not so good for Lebanon and the world

We’ve all seen the Black Friday advertisements calling on us to buy and consume at cheaper rates. Given our country’s minimum wage and struggling economy, the slash in prices can come as a welcome surprise to any individual or family unit as yesterday’s traffic and rush to the stores confirmed.

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Lebanon globally ranks 3rd in debt, plummets in health and education

Lebanon continues to struggle with seemingly endless crises, presidential and waste management included, leading to a significant drop from the 30th position in 2014 to the 52nd in 2015 in both health and primary education according to the most recent Global Competitiveness Report of 2016. Out of 138 countries included

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Garbage Crisis, The Sequel: Access to Bourj Hammoud landfill banned

“Trash will return to the streets”; this is the main theme of today’s headlines across the country after the municipality of Bourj Hammoud put into effect a decision to ban access to the landfill site in the area’s seaside front, propelled by the Kataeb party’s ongoing protest and closure of its

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