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Rayan Iaali, Lebanon’s first domestic violence homicide of 2017

Just a few days after Lebanon marked International Women’s Day with the lighting up of Beirut’s Grand Serail in pink, a woman in Tripoli succumbed to her wounds a month after her husband had hit her on the head with a rock. According to media reports, the attack took place

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It’s International Women’s Day and I’m not celebrating 

Excuse me for being less than enthusiastic about that one day during the year when politicians decide to “celebrate” women. Excuse me for not being impressed. I am tired, and bitter, and fearful of the day when I might be raising children in Lebanon. Will my daughter be able to

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A new low: When domestic violence is normalized on television

The internet is furious – this after a Moroccan state television channel aired a segment recently showing women how to cover bruises caused by domestic violence using make-up. In the segment broadcast on Morocco’s Channel 2M’s “Sabahiyat” on November 23rd, just two days ahead of the International Day for the Elimination

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Custody battle highlights Lebanese Security Forces’ incompetence in domestic violence cases

A Lebanese woman, identified as Lina Kh., was reportedly held against her will by her ex-husband and several armed men in her matrimonial home in the town of al-Ghinneh on Thursday night after she had arrived in the company of two police officers, an attorney and a priest assigned by

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License to kill: Lebanese laws lenient on murderers

Lebanese women are often portrayed in the media as being among the most liberal in the Middle East, and while that may be true to a certain degree, it does not mean that the law often works in their favor –liberal or not. Tuesday stood testament to that, as activists and

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