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Crippling the youth: Unemployment in Lebanon at an all-time high

Unemployed? You’re not the only one. According to the latest World Bank study published in Lebanese daily al-Akhbar, unemployment in Lebanon is at an all-time high, especially among the youth population. Prior to 2012 the unemployment rate was measured as follows: Over-all unemployment stood at 11% with 34% of the country’s

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The Ramlet al-Baida affair: It’s not just the sea that is full of shit

The Ramlet al-Baida beach controversy and claims of ownership over one of Beirut’s last public beaches has returned to the forefront. In what seemed like a resting period after news of possible investment on said shores emerged a few years ago, excavators proceeded to destroy the northern entrance of the

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Paradise Lost: Jannah flooded with Brazilian corruption and political infighting

Behind the scenes and away from public eye, a deal was struck. Profiting from public disinterest in the issue, Minister of Agriculture Akram Chehayeb approved a partial deforestation in the Jannah natural reserve for the purpose of erecting a dam in this location. Environment Minister Mohammad Mashnouk made his objections known,

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Lebanon ranked first in corruption among Arab nations

According to the newly released international transparency index, Lebanon has exceeded it’s neighbors in regards to organized misappropriation of public funds, and has finally attained the status of most corrupt Arab nation. This achievement on the part of our venerated ruling minority is not to be dismissed as unsurprising, for

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