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550 families threatened with poverty by garbage dump

The livelihood of 550 families is under threat. This, according to LBCI who interviewed local fishermen who trawl the waters surrounding the Beirut suburb of Bourj Hammoud for their daily catch. The reason? The haphazard dumping of waste into sea. The presence of both a historic dump site, known locally

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Garbage Crisis, The Sequel: Access to Bourj Hammoud landfill banned

“Trash will return to the streets”; this is the main theme of today’s headlines across the country after the municipality of Bourj Hammoud put into effect a decision to ban access to the landfill site in the area’s seaside front, propelled by the Kataeb party’s ongoing protest and closure of its

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Lebanon’s Nehmeh landfill in limbo, so where will the trash go?

Nothing more can be said about the current garbage crisis. The inability of our once elected and recently self-appointed government to secure the removal of the trash output of its citizens in an eco-friendly manner has long ceased to make news. But with the 60 day deadline coming to an

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