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Is there life after trash?

It only took a few minutes for my “it’s good to be back” bubble to burst, 20 minutes into the taxi drive back home to be exact. It was around 12:30 am. We had just returned from Abu Dhabi where the Lifehaus team was among many other sustainability-driven projects exhibiting

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Stars on snow: Winter camping in Lebanon the ultimate show

Cities in the winter time can be a bit confining. City life in Beirut, extremely stressful and tiring. One way to combat the monotony of work, traffic and urban pollution is by escaping into Lebanon’s snow-capped mountains. Camping –winter camping to be specific– is taking that one step further. Such was

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Lebanon’s hidden epidemic: Why are so many silent when things are so bad?

There is no shortage of things to protest when it comes to this small Middle Eastern country. From the raging war next door, to its repercussions, to the rampant corruption, human rights abuses, the disappearance of elections, rising unemployment, emigration, crippled institutions, and pollution -the grounds are endless. However, when

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For Lebanon’s elderly ongoing garbage crisis a tight noose

For 86-year-old Adib Nouwar, Lebanon’s garbage crisis is a matter of life and death; any irritation induced by the slightest of elements –even the smell of fried food and dust—can be enough to trigger a respiratory fit as his lungs struggle from years of pollution and stress. Under the weight

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