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Is it clean? Is it not clean? Debate on Lebanon’s sea continues

In recent weeks, two seemingly contradictory studies were presented to the public concerning the state of Lebanon’s beaches: One, by LARI, warning that the country had “passed the threshold of pollution and that no sea is pollution free,” and the other, by CNRS, casting doubt on the results of the former.

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Intersectionality and inclusiveness rule IWD Lebanon march

The world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, with massive rallies like those in Turkey and Spain making major headlines. Lebanon, too, celebrated IWD, albeit on Sunday – perhaps to accommodate for working women who can’t leave their jobs in the middle of the week to protest. “Our causes

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Is there life after trash?

It only took a few minutes for my “it’s good to be back” bubble to burst, 20 minutes into the taxi drive back home to be exact. It was around 12:30 am. We had just returned from Abu Dhabi where the Lifehaus team was among many other sustainability-driven projects exhibiting

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Palestinian band Le Trio Joubran to collaborate with Roger Waters

This article was published at StepFeed on October 16, 2017.  View this post on Instagram @triojoubran "10 years of live" concert at @themusichall_by_elefteriades, Tuesday October 10 A concert by @libanjazz Tickets at Virgin Ticketing See you there! #libanjazz #beirut #triojoubran #concert A post shared by Karim Ghattas (@karimghattas1) on Oct

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522’s abolishment is a win, but the devil is in the details

The last I addressed Article 522 on Newsroom Nomad was back in December 2016, when local media mistakingly reported that said article of the penal code was abolished. Back then, a proposal introduced and approved by the Administration and Justice Committee parliamentary committee to scrap said article was passed to Parliament,

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Addressing Lebanon’s waste problem, starting with our smartphones

This post was written by guest contributor Michael J. Oghia. Michael is a Belgrade-based independent consultant, researcher, and editor working within the Internet governance ecosystem, specifically focusing on sustainable access and the relationship between the Internet, the environment, and sustainability. Twitter: @mikeoghia Like many of you who follow Nadine’s work,

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