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Lebanon’s Jews are often forgotten, this documentary sheds light on the community

This article was published at StepFeed on March 22, 2017.  We really don’t know much about Lebanon’s Jewish community.For many, “Lebanese Jewish” is too remote a concept. But, the truth is, Jews in Lebanon once lived side by side with the country’s Christian and Muslim populations. They even share a minorities’

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Will Lebanon’s controversial psychic Leila Abdel Latif retire from television?

Leila Abdel Latif, Lebanon’s most famed and controversial psychic, renowned for her political predictions and most recently her missed forecast on the Lebanese Presidential election may soon retire from television. This, according to a recent interview with prominent radio and television host Mireille Mazraani on Fame FM radio. According to

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Melhem Barakat: The man who only sang in Lebanese

Melhem Barakat, one of Lebanon’s last remaining “golden age” singers, died Friday aged 71 after a long battle with illness. He was a legend, an artist who fought his way through an increasingly commercialized industry. Not only did he survive the challenges, he went on to become one of the country’s

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Mashrou3 Leila fans demand concert be held in Jordan despite ban

In light of the announcement made by Jordanian authorities to ban Lebanese indie band Mashrou3 Leila’s April 29 performance, fans have taken to social media to air their grievances, while others are organizing a protest to be held at the Roman amphitheater. With hashtags that include #بدنا_ليلى_في_عمان (meaning: we want Leila in Amman) and #ابن_الليل_في_عمان (Ibn el-Leil in

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