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Fatal disease threatens Lebanon’s historic parasol pines

This story has been updated with a follow-up post titled, “If Lebanon’s pine trees die, so will we“. Whether it’s deep in the open woodlands of Lebanon, in Beirut’s only remaining Horsh, or in between residential areas, the once plentiful parasol pine, also known as the stone pine, is under

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Traditional craftsmanship revived through recycling in south Lebanon

A renewable resource is being wasted. The landfills of Lebanon have become the final destination for glass products after they had served their purpose. Glazing and mirrors from buildings as well as all kinds of glass liquid containers are indiscriminately thrown away even though glass is one of the very

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Beirut Center of Photography: A new haven for visual story tellers in Lebanon

It is a widely accepted notion that photography as a medium is undergoing a steady decline due to the widespread accessibility and the ever simplification of the photographic instrument. Nothing could be further than the truth in the eyes of veteran photojournalist Patrick Baz who has recently taken on the

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Shura Council temporarily halts construction of Ramlet al-Baida luxury beach resort

Lebanon’s Shura Council, the country’s highest administrative judicial authority, issued a decision Wednesday to temporarily halt the implementation of the permit pertaining to the controversial construction of a luxury resort on the Ramlet al-Baida beach. The ruling –based on several violations related to public health and safety– refers to parcel 3689/Mseitbeh

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Endangered Syrian bear cubs used as props in south Beirut school

When we think of promoting animal welfare and wildlife awareness at schools, documentaries and textbooks come to mind. Field trips to local reserves even. What we don’t expect to see is live animals, endangered Syrian brown bear cubs to be specific, grabbed by children on campus. This is what went

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Fox deliberately trapped, tortured and killed in West Bekaa

Disturbing footage has emerged of a fox being released from its pen only to be mauled to death by two hounds inside what appears to be a fenced kennel yard in the West Bekaa village of Sehmor. The footage, which was published Monday by Greenarea, a local environmental website, was filmed

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