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Is there life after trash?

It only took a few minutes for my “it’s good to be back” bubble to burst, 20 minutes into the taxi drive back home to be exact. It was around 12:30 am. We had just returned from Abu Dhabi where the Lifehaus team was among many other sustainability-driven projects exhibiting

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Addressing Lebanon’s waste problem, starting with our smartphones

This post was written by guest contributor Michael J. Oghia. Michael is a Belgrade-based independent consultant, researcher, and editor working within the Internet governance ecosystem, specifically focusing on sustainable access and the relationship between the Internet, the environment, and sustainability. Twitter: @mikeoghia Like many of you who follow Nadine’s work,

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Activists urge Lebanese to boycott Beirut dolphin show

In the wake of Cirque Du Liban’s announcement of the Beirut Dolphinarium’s upcoming August show, animal right’s activists, who had put together a video urging people not to buy tickets, are once again fighting on the behalf of the voiceless. Featuring several musicians, journalists, and bloggers, the video (which was

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Urban expansion threatens one of Lebanon’s last remaining turtle sanctuaries

If it’s not the garbage, the illegal fishing methods, or the pollution, it’s seaside construction. The threats facing marine turtles that come to south Lebanon’s Mansouri beach – one of the only remaining sanctuaries – to lay their eggs, now include the “illegal construction of a resort right off the

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Beirut cuts down trees, activists up in arms

A recent decision of urban tree removal by the Beirut municipality in Msaitbeh over the weekend has solicited vehement condemnation from online activists and the social media community at large. On its face, the removal of trees, if unwarranted, seems to be the latest instance of unsustainable municipal ethics, one

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Forget drugs, wild Lebanon is filled with natural highs

This week, the world celebrated Sir David Attenborough’s 91st birthday. The veteran English broadcaster and naturalist, best known for writing and presenting the BBC’s Planet Earth documentary series, among many other works, is often credited with inspiring a generation of conservationists, environmentalists and just regular nature enthusiasts, myself included, to venture out into the

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