Dalia Freyfer is visually impaired. She lost her eyesight at just 18 years of age. But, she never let that define her or stand in the way of her dreams.

Freyfer has just set a new Guinness World Record for one of the longest broadcasts by a television presenter after remaining on air for 24 hours and interviewing 91 guests. She received the certificate for the 12-hour benchmark in which she spoke with 43 media and civil society personalities, but continued to interview 48 others for another 12 hours.

It was shown on Lebanon’s state broadcaster Télé Liban.

According to fellow journalist Jean Zgheib, who was one of the several guests interviewed during the long broadcast, Freyfer was overwhelmed with emotion upon receiving her certificate from the Guinness World Record’s representative. She dedicated her victory to Lebanon’s special needs community, calling on the Lebanese government to “respect them, and provide them with jobs and services.”

Dalia Freyfer receiving her GWR certificate for interviewing 43 guests in 12 hours | Source: JeanZgheib

This is not Freyfer’s first victory. An ambitious choir singer (who writes and composes most of her hymns) and the host of a program on Lebanon’s Christian broadcaster Télé Lumiere, she has won previous awards. She came in second in the Voice of Lebanon competition that saw 500 competitors participate in the “Best Interview” race.

At a time when Lebanon’s media is struggling and when televisions are fighting openly over ratings and who has higher ethical principles, Dalia Freyfer stands out and makes us proud. Today she proves that women are capable, that people with special needs are capable, and that our media is capable of so much more.

Thank you Dalia.

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  1. Such a remarkable achievement from Dalia, This would have been a great deed for a normal person… with her loss of eye sight… it makes it an even greater record. We are all proud of Dalia.

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