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Recapping 2016 with a huge thank you to the Newsroom Nomad’s readers

I launched the Newsroom Nomad on April 26, 2016, with no expectation of making it big within the already saturated and established Lebanese blogosphere. With Facebook changing its algorithm -making it even harder for new pages to gain access to audiences- debuting a blog dedicated mostly to long-form journalism, investigation,

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The glass ceiling is real: Lebanon’s new cabinet only includes one woman   

A new 30-minister government has been announced under Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, weeks after the latter was nominated to form the country’s new cabinet. The cabinet, which includes only one woman, brings together members of traditional political parties, except the Kataeb, who rejected the minister of state portfolio they were

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Ancient shellfish used by Phoenicians for purple dye vanishes from eastern Med  

The ancient shellfish, once used as a main source of Tyrian purple by the Phoenicians, has disappeared from the eastern Mediterranean coast, amid warnings of an ongoing multi-species collapse, a recent study* published in The Guardian confirmed. The collapse, blamed on several factors that include rising temperatures in the Levant

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Hold the celebrations: Abolishment of Lebanon’s ‘rape law’ not yet in the bag

Update: Lebanon’s parliament repealed article 522 on August 16, 2017. According to Lebanon’s LBCI, Lebanon’s shameful “rape law”, technically known as article 522 of the penal code, was abolished by the Administration and Justice Committee. In a tweet posted by the channel on Wednesday, MP Robert Ghanem was quoted as

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