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Politics play out in Rio as Lebanese athletes block Israeli team from entering bus

The Rio summer Olympics premiered last night with a flamboyant ceremony that celebrated Brazilian culture and sports. The four-hour event at the Maracana Stadium featured athletes and their representative countries, and served to remind the world of environmental issues, namely climate change, through its central theme. However the opening ceremony was not

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This is why Lebanon is losing the battle against forest fires

As I write this blog post, and just right outside my window, hundreds of cicadas are singing in unison in what is a clear indication of the rising temperatures. Though this may be good news for the summer bugs whose song is a call for mating and a repellent against

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Lebanese news outlets using scandals and “sex news” for ratings, enough!

As I was going through the newsfeed this morning, just minding my own business, trying to catch up on what’s going on in the country, I was faced with this article, and the dilemma on whether or not to address it. Upon weighing the pros and cons, I finally decided to speak

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Reactions to Lebanon Army Day 2016 demonstrate nation’s dwindling hope

Although the official celebrations, namely a sword ceremony for graduating officers, were cancelled for the third year in a row, officials, dignitaries, and leaders gathered to mark Lebanon’s Army Day on Sunday, even as the country’s presidential seat stands vacant; even as the fate of kidnapped soldiers remains unknown; even as

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